Metamorphosis (Collection)


Madeline will never become a woman. William will never become a man. Does June deserve to be human? Does Lilith deserve a heart? 

Seventeen stories. Seventeen tales of terror. 


If imperfection is crucial to a society’s survival, what makes a monster?


Out Now from IFWG Publishing. 


Dark Blue Woman in Forest Photo eBook Co

Indigo (Novelette)


Rob can't accept the sudden suicide of Indigo. He can't accept the happy, artistic friend he had once loved would willingly take her own life. He feels something is amiss, something is wrong. So he decides to investigate, and soon finds a pattern he can't ignore. While investigating, he meets Indigo's neighbour Evelyn, a bizarre woman who seems to know more about Indigo's death than anyone else.

An unexpected string of suicides. A strang woman. A strange zodiac talisman everyone who died seems to be connected to.

What does it all mean? And will Rob uncover the mystery before it is too late to save himself?





After the death of her mother, Alison returns to her family home, finding it desolate and abandoned.  But then the house begins to change, things begin to move, and soon, she fears she may not be alone...



Deep Sea Fishing

All Lucian wants is to impress his father, to prove he's worthy enough to join the man and the rest of his friends on the fishing trawler and their deep sea expedition. But a mysterious stranger and an even more mysterious mirror might just get in the way...


Happy Birthday, Ebony


It's Ebony's birthday, and her father has organised an artist to paint her portrait. But her brother Cameron does not like the artist, a stranger in their small town, in their old house. He doesn't like the way he looks at her, the way he captures her with his paintbrush. Ebony belongs to him, and no one else, and he'll do whatever it takes to make sure it stays that way.





Will seeks out the mysterious Vietnamese Dragonfly club in the hopes of finding his lost friend. He soon finds himself at the Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park and face to face with the dark magic of the Ruc people. But once Will goes inside the Ruc caves, there’s no knowing if he’ll come out....


Pit Of Love


Ember and Andy have known each other since childhood. Their fights turned into adolescent bickering, their affection blossomed into romance., and they’ve been happily dating for the past two years. Yet this Valentines Day, Ember's Mother shows her a new way to celebrate their love. A darker way. One that involves a shovel and a deep magical pit...




At seventeen, Jack still hasn't hit puberty. His father wants him to play football, date girls, and grow a pair. But Jack's body isn't exactly designed like the other boys...


The Eagle

A young therianthropic seeks out his former mentor, though what he finds instead might be more than he bargained for...

June 2018 Feature Story.

Budge and Siouxsie seek out Thorne House, an old guest house deep in the mountainside. But once they go inside, there's no way they're getting out.



All William wants is to grow into his new body - to embrace puberty, to become the man he needs to be. But not all bodies work the way they're supposed to. Not all boys become men.   

Deck The Walls

It's Christmas. A time for renewal. A time for a renovation. A time to welcome the new year. But for Alex, a late building contractor is the least of his worries...for the house itself has plans of its own...





The Town Hall

It's an annual affair in a small, idyllic town. The residents are put on a register, the ones chosen from the lottery ushered inside the hall. Mr and Mrs Dawson watch the proceedings from across the road. But once the lottery ticket holders go inside the hall, there's no knowing who won' t come out.



A young girl experiences puberty in a startling and unexpected way. 


Shortlisted within The Australian Shadow Awards 2015 for Best Edited Work.





Alex and Harlan take refuge within the old Victorian house on Logonov Street, desperate to hide themselves from the Risen. But for Alex, flesh-eating zombies aren't the only things she needs to be worried about.


A young girl experiences puberty in a startling and unexpected way. 


Selected by Shane Jiraiya Cummings.





June's problematic relationship with her mother results in a severe depersonalization issue that may just manifest into something more physically chaotic than she first thought...

Only The Dead (Novel)

War in the field, war in the home, war in the heart.

They've only just found each other, but their paths are separated by war. Blood. Decapitation. Death.  Nothing will keep them apart. Except perhaps each other.


Andy strikes up a conversation with Tina at Sci-Fi convention, chatting about the peculiar intellect of octopuses. But for one Lovecraft fan, her Lovecraftian fantasies might be all too real....


Lydia has a new flat. A new cat. And is preparing for a new life. But she hasn't been very good this year, and does not expect to receive any gifts. And the yule cat Jólakötturinn does not take too kindly to those who don't receive new clothes before Christmas...

Mechanical Garden

After a catastrophic nuclear accident, residents of a small town are evacuated - except for a select few. The ones left behind - deemed 'undesirables' - are housed in underground bunkers and monitored by AI's to determine if they are fit for a new society. What happens when one Epileptic woman is declared unfit?

The Beach

When exile turns deadly.

Andromeda (Novelette)

Astronauts return to Earth and find an unidentifiable amphibious species have taken over and cull humans for their flesh.


Synthetic (Reprint)

At seventeen, Jack still hasn't hit puberty. His father wants him to play football, date girls, and grow a pair. But Jack's body isn't exactly designed like the other boys...


FIVE Poetry Magazine Vol.03 No.10


Featured Poems:

❄ Hurricane

❄ Souls

❄ Round Table

❄ Starved

❄ The Devil Said


2017 UQ Writers Club Anthology featuring a collection of short stories and a play.


Featured stories: The Bird Woman, and Happy Birthday, Ebony

FIVE Poetry Magazine Vol.03 No.05


Featured Poems:

❄ The Artist

❄  Welcome, Marty McFly

❄  The Poetry Slam

❄  Little Knitted Shoes

❄  Do You Remember?




The Dirty Thirty Anthology

The 2015 edition of The Dirty Thirty Anthology is a compilation of poetic "Picks Of The Day" written by various artists all over the world during the 30 days of April.


Featured poem: Little Knitted Shoes

Miscellaneous short stories and poems

❄ I See (Poem)

 Make Your Mark Magazine

Untitled (Poem)

 Pressure Gauge Press Issue 1

The Devil Says (Poem)

 The Australia Times Poetry Magazine Volume 4 Issue 11.

❄ Requiem Of The Corpses (Poem)

 The Australia Times Politics Magazine Volume 4 Issue 3.

Hanoi (Poem)

 Poetry Nation

Desire (Poem)
Sunrise (Poem)
The Arts Patry (As CJ Fitzpatrick)
Ascension (Short Story) 
Deadman's Tome
Oranges (Micro fiction)
Flesh (Micro fiction)
Friday Fears










Upcoming publications

❄ Varúlfur

Breach Magazine Issue 12

❄  A Journey Towards Death (With David M. Hoenig)

Planet X Pulp - Strange Stories Of The Sea

❄ Snowtown and the South Australian Antipodean Nightmare (Non-Fiction)

Fresh Blood - Exposit Books

❄  Speculative Fiction Artwork - Revealing The Future

Aurealis #139




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