"Masterfully horrifying at every turn. A great book... written in horrifically descriptive detail that defies you to not see clearly in your mind what’s going on. All the stories are imaginative, and I truly thought they would cause nightmares."

—  Cyndi Muller, Amazon reviewer.




"Powerful little cosmic horror novella from Australia’s body horror queen with disquieting themes of isolation and diminishing self-worth leading to suicidal tendencies. Unexpected, confronting, and poignant."

—  Lee Murray, Amazon reviewer.

I cannot remember the last time horror short stories or a horror novel of any kind for that matter had such a profound or personal effect on me...These stories are examples of nothing short of masterpieces of brilliant artistry, and I for one am a better person for having had the privilege to read them. Brutally honest, visceral, moving, horrifying, sad, terrifying, and even a little humorous - these stories are stories of life.[Read the full review HERE]


—  William C. Bitner, Jr. Reviewer.