Claire Fitzpatrick is a crazy plant lady and award-winning author of non-fiction and speculative fiction, specialising in body horror.  'The Body Horror Book,' which she co-wrote and edited, won the 2017 Rocky Wood Award for Non-Fiction and Criticism. Her debut collection 'Metamorphosis' was released by IFWG Publishing Australia in 2019 to positive acclaim. She's also an occasional illustrator and has designed the cover for two Breach Magazine issues - Issue 8 and Issue 12. In addition, Claire is the the 2020 recipient of the Horror Writer's Association's Rocky Wood Memorial scholarship fund for her upcoming collaborative non-fiction book 'A Vindication Of Monsters - essays on Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft' . In her 'real life' she's a horticulturist and sells home-made terrariums on Etsy as Lady Terrarium


Claire's poem 'Rainbows' was commended in the 2004 Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition. Her short stories 'The Dog' and 'Happy Birthday, Ebony' both won first place in the 2016/2017 University of Queensland Writer's Club Short Story Competition.


Claire has been a panellist at Continuum 13 in Melbourne, at Monsters After Dark in Brisbane, and at Conflux in Canberra. She has a Bachelor of Government and International Relations and a Postgraduate Certificate in Writing, Editing, and Publishing. She is the owner and operator of Oscillate Wildly Press, which publishes the triennial magazine The Asylum Diaries, dedicated to HP Lovecraft and Body Horror.


Claire is also a performance artist. She performs serious pieces under her own name and comedy under Consuela Beaverhausen. She's performed with Vulcana Women's Circus, Glitter Martini, Ruckus Brisbane, and Velvet Helmet. For someone who writes horror stories, she's surprisingly funny. Sort of. 


She lives somewhere in Queensland with her husband, the spray-paint artist and desktop publisher (MiseryInk Design), their cat Cthulhu, and their two annoying kids.


Feel free to contact Claire via social media, the adjacent contact form, or email her directly at: claire.fitzpatrick1991@gmail.com.



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